An illustrated guide to Los Angeles trees and flowers

Angela von Detten

Hi friends! Since most of us are out walking more than usual, get to know some of the flora that gives LA its distinctive local color – from palm trees to sweet jasmine. Plus, get some inspiration to plant some of these in your own home!

Bird of Paradise

Also called "Crane Flower"

The offical flower of Los Angeles! It was imported from South Africa in 1853, and can beautifully bloom year-round...but winter is its favorite time to flower! It is also considered the queen of the indoor plant world- they can grow to over six feet tall, even indoors.

The bright Bird of Paradise symbolizes paradise and freedom.

Learn more on how to grow them indoors here.


Definitely one of my favorites!

Did you know- Los Angeles county is home to the single largest growth of bougainvillea in the entire United States! They love sun & heat!

I love the idea of growing them along the doorway or against a fence.

Bouganivillea symbolizes passion & liveliness.

Check out information on how to care for them here.

Gold Medallion Tree 

Also known as "Cassia leptophylla"

This one will brighten up your space and is fast becoming a popular street tree in Southern California. Although it looks too tropical to ever succeed in California- it in fact does really well here! It is well suited as a background tree in the garden, but also a showy lawn tree.

Get some guidance on how to give them the proper attention here.

Mexican Fan Palm

Also known as "Washington Robusta"

These are super fast growers that have the ability to reach heights of more than 100 feet! Fun fact- they are the city's most common variety & have a known lifespan of 100 years! They like full sun to partial shade. These trees will appear attractive in your yard and can bring a resort-style look!

The Palm branch symbolizes victory & triumph.

Interested in planting? This guide will give you necessary information!


​​​​​​​Also called "Queen of the Night"

These delicate and dainty flowers thrive in warmer climates (best between the months of June-November).They are well known for the sweet and tropical smell they have. Jasmine flowers symbolize love, beauty, and sensuality. Its pure white blossoms can also symbolize purity.

For growth and care tips, check out this guide!


Also known as "Jacaranda mimosifolia"

Truly looks like you are seeing something out of a fairy tale!

For 10 months a year, these beautiful South American imports are happily blended into the landscape, providing shade & shelter. They show off their lavender blooms when planted in full sun, and they prefer a sandy soil with great drainage.

They would look so enchanting in your front yard! Jacaranda symbolizes wisdom, wealth, & good luck!

Find more details on planting them here!

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