Best Flowers to Plant in your Fall Garden

Angela von Detten

Check out these beautiful flowers that will thrive in your garden this season!


​​​​​​​Also known as Viola.

Violet flowers are super easy to care for and they love cooler climates! They make excellent accents around trees...and can even be grown in containers!

Fun fact- did you know they are edible?! They also look beautiful floating on a cocktail or as a decoration on a cake!

Read more about them here.​​​​​​​

Sweet Alyssum.

Also known as Lobularia maritima.

They are smaller plants that grow up to 3-6 inches tall and are able to thrive in a variety of regions. The blooms come in pink, purple, or white. They make the perfect landscape edging plants & even look great in containers! 

​​​​​​​Learn more on how to plant & care for them here.


Also known as Solidago.

These vibrant beauties are well known for their healing properties- they are used as an ingredient in many herbal supplements & tea.

They will easily pop & brighten up your garden!

Check out this link for more info on planting! 


Also known as Coreopsideae.

These gorgeous flowers can grow 4-5 feet tall and they love moist & moderate climates. They can be found in almost every color except for blue!

They are perennials, meaning they live more than two years!

Read on for how you can take proper care & grow them here.

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