Color Trends | Summer 2020

Angela von Detten

With warmer weather finally here, read on to get inspired by the summer color trends that are defining the design industry this season!

Bright Pink & Red.

Pretty colors like pink and red bring out an eye-catching lively feel to any space!

I adore this sweet bedroom by Summer Thornton Design. To balance & ensure that the room doesn't feel too overwhelming, I'd suggest including other decorative accessories (curtains, carpets, or additional furniture) that are more neutral in color. 


Beige is now ready for a comeback!

I'm loving this beige borderline blush paint by Sherwin Williams. This dining room looks chic and clean. I see many advantages of using beige on your walls. Soft, easy on the eyes, and it gives you the freedom of choosing any furniture color you desire!

Red Wine.

Yes, it's summer, but you can't ever go wrong with shades of red wine!

This royal looking bedroom was designed by Patrick Dragonette, who did a perfect job at creating a bold yet soothing space. I love the color combination when adding gold details to it- looks so charming and adds an alluring touch!​​​​​​​

Summer Gold.

Gold can add a lot of personality to a room, and definitely brighten it up!

This bedroom designed by Taylor & Taylor looks pleasant and warm. Adding gold with some brown looks appealing- without drawing too much attention.

Mediterranean Hues.

Colors like white, blue, and taupes can do the job at producing a peaceful and clean space!

Lauren Nelson put together this beautiful beach-inspired living room without being overly nautical. When using colors like these- I make sure to add some indoor plants to complete the look.

Black and White.

This look remains timeless!

This striking color combination of black and white by Laura Umansky promotes such an elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic interior. A black and white floor like the one shown here is a good place to start! If you want to add some colored accents- I'd propose trying gold, blush, or a touch of red!

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