How to Create the Most Serene Home Ever

Angela von Detten

Read on for some ideas on how to generate serenity in your home! It's important we set up spaces at home that make us feel calm and relaxed. Let's reduce anxiety, one room at a time!

Make Sure to Organize.

Often, clutter becomes such a fixture, and we end up looking right past it. When everything has a place, we have fewer things to worry about.

Let go of all the unused items in your closet, home office, kitchen, and bathroom drawers.

Use organizers like clean containers and baskets with labels so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

My biggest suggestion is to eliminate all the clutter hot spots in your home!

​​​​​​​Once you declutter, you will see all the difference! 

Good Lighting.

Natural light in your home is everything!

The right lighting makes a space glow and brings about a calming atmosphere.

You can increase the natural light in your home in various ways. Consider washing your windows, choosing the right coloring, adding more mirrors and shiny objects, and adding skylights!

Choose a Calming Color Palette.

Colors truly contribute to the mood that ties a space together.

For instance, bright & vibrant colors in your home will be more energizing while soft & subtle colors will make you feel more peaceful. 

In other words..colors like bright red, yellow, and neon green will grab your attention and make a room feel more striking.

On the other hand, when going for a more soothing space- colors like pale blue, off-white, light gray, and lavendar will put you in the right direction.  

​​​​​​​Simply by just changing the color of your walls or furniture you have the ability manipulate the aura in your space! 

Make it Smell Great.

Sometimes, it's as as easy as opening up your windows for fresh air, lighting your favorite scented candles, or using an essential oil diffuser.

I personally love the smell of eucalyptus and lighting lavendar scented candles.

I also am a huge fan of the diffusers from Saje. They have many great options.

Check them out and order here!


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