I Got Married!

Angela von Detten

Was the best weekend of my life in Catalina with all my loved ones!

Huge life event - was the best weekend of my life in Catalina with all my loved ones! Erik and I got married August 25th and then we went to Kauai for our honeymoon.

First thing first, my heart is so full of love. Catalina weekend could not have been more beautiful. I'm really glad we had our wedding there because many of our guests, while long time California residents, have never even set foot on Catalina and it's actually such a beautiful place! The water is so clear, it's great for diving and snorkeling, and it's only a 1 hour ferry ride from Long Beach! Great weekend get away!

I can't wait for our professional photographer to send us the photos however here are a few from my phone of the big day.

Erik and Angela Wedding-622.jpg
Erik and Angela Wedding-633.jpg
Erik and Angela Wedding-639.jpg

We totally had a few wedding crashers as well ...these deers!

And then afterwards we went to Kauai for our honeymoon...!

Noted - do not go to a tropical island after it's just avoided a huge hurricane as run offs from the island will make the surrounding water brown and then you can't go into it because there may be a small viral bug that if it gets inside of you, you could die.

Other than the brown waters, it was so relaxing to unplug and recharge. Kauai is such a beautiful island! One of the days we were able to hike to Queen's Bath and swim. We will be back there hopefully real soon to enjoy their poke, the views and snorkeling!

​​​​​​​So grateful for all these life events the past two weeks...

Now ready to take on the world even more.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Angela von Detten


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