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Prep for Profit

Angela von Detten

Prepare your home for sale with these five easy home improvement projects you can do right now!

1. Give Your Lawn Some Love.

-Pull weeds

-Plant flowers in a consistent palette

-Reseed or lay sod

-Fertilize & mulch

-Repair or redo broken paths

-Read more here on how you can show your lawn some love!

2. Kick Up Your Curb Appeal.

-Clean gutters

-Pressure wash surfaces

-Repaint or replace the front door

-Touch up trim paint

-Clean or replace the roof 

​​​​​​​-Repair old hardware (ex: house number, entry door lockset, overhead light fixture, etc). 

3. Create a Clean Canvas.

-A fresh coat of paint is a low-cost interior improvement that can make a huge statement!

-I would recommend using light & neutral colors- they will appeal to a wide range of buyers!

-Be sure to check out this list of the 16 Best Neutral Colors compiled by House Beautiful to get some inspiration! 

4. Declutter/Depersonalize.​​​​​​​

-Take some time to organize your closets, go through the pantries, and clean out your garage.

-Minimize family photos and mementos.

-Style and clean shelves and any open storage.

-Tackling a cluttered area could get overwhelming-
try the "Four Box Method":

Box 1= Trash 
Box 2= Give away/sell
Box 3= Storage
Box 4= Put Away

5. Visualize Your Upgrade. 

-Feel free to reach out for more information about Compass Lens to visualize the potential of your space!

-Maximize the value of your home with Compass Concierge and make upgrades with zero upfront costs!

-Read more about Compass Concierge & how you can benefit from it here!

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