Prepare your Home for Fall Market

Angela von Detten

Follow these steps to get your home ready for the fall market!

1. Tidy Up The Yard.

• Rake dead leaves and trim overgrown weeds.
• Clean out the gutters- it wll protect your home from water damage.
• Be sure to cut tree limbs that block the exterior of the house.
• Give it one last mow before winter sets in.
​​​​​​​• When finished, make sure to clean out your gardening tools.


2. Create Autumn Curb Appeal. 

• Plant seasonal plants & flowers like mums or marigolds for a fall touch. 
• Add accents of pumpkins or squash to your front step.
• A fresh coat of paint on your front door can make your entrance pop out.
• Consider adding some outdoor lighting (lanterns, flood lights) around your front door.

Check out HomeBNC's Best Fall Front Door Decor for some inspiration & more ideas! 

3. Clean Indoor Space

• Make sure after each season, you are dusting and washing all the screens in every room. 
• Wash the walls, wipe down the baseboards in the kitchen, & disinfect your garbage cans.
• Wipe down the mirrors.
• Shampoo the carpet or rugs.
​​​​​​​• Clean your windows so no smudges appear from fingerprints or pets!

4. Clean Out The Fireplace. 

• It's finally time we get cozy, welcome in the cooler temperature & use our fireplaces again!
• Be sure to wipe down & vaccum the fireplace if it hasn't been used in months.
• While your at it, be sure to look out for any damages or debris.

Read on for some important tips on maintenance & steps on cleaning your fireplace here.

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