Self Care & Daily Tasks for 2021

Angela von Detten

Read on for some of my favorite small daily tasks & tips that can make all the difference this new year!

1. Spend 20 Minutes a Day Decluttering.

Get rid of that stack of mail & the pile of paper that's been sitting around on your table... clothing in your closet you no longer wear...and even the pens & markers that no longer work.

Cluttered environments can actually make you feel more stressed out & end up making you feel more distracted.

Set on a timer for 20 minutes & devote to decluttering your space! Check out these great tips to get started. 

2. Surround Yourself with Fresh Flowers. 

Treat yourself!
Why wait for a special occasion to enjoy a lovely bouquet of flowers?

Flowers truly brighten up a room & your mood.
Floral scents like lavendar & rosemery can also do a lot to lower stress.

Make sure to place them in the rooms you spend the most time in! 

Get yourself to a florist or order them from an online flower delivery website!

3. Set your Intentions for the Day. 

When you wake up in the morning, try to refrain from going on your phone right away.

Instead, I'd suggest carving out time to write out a list of the goals you'd like to accomplish for that day & the week. 

​​​​​​​Starting your morning off with clear intentions will set the tone for your day & help you stay motivated.

4. Refill your Water Bottle Hourly.

As simple as it sounds, making this a habit will guarantee you are consuming enough water each day.

Research indicates that many of us aren't getting enough water as we should be. 

Consider purchasing a 17oz S'well insulated bottle - so you can measure your progress through out the day! 
Drink up!

5. Create a "3 Good Things" List. 

Every night, write down at least 3 good things that happened that day or anything you are grateful for.

It could be as simple as speaking to a friend on the phone, or discovering a new local restaurant! 

This ritual will help you focus on all the positives going on in your life. Find a fun new journal to put this into practice! Check out this one here.

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