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Silicon Beach Is The New Los Angeles

Angela von Detten

Silicon Beach distinguishes itself right off the boardwalk.

Gone are the days when Los Angeles’ only exports were dazzling Hollywood pictures or sun-soaked tourist spots. The tech boom has moved swiftly through town, putting a stake in the ground (or sand) as the new Silicon Valley by fostering innovation and acting as a benefactor to a new vibrancy on the coast.

Silicon Beach distinguishes itself right off the boardwalk: Snapchat offices border Ocean Front Walk in Venice, giving employees a chance to dip their toes in the Pacific Ocean on a lunch break. Over 500 tech companies like Google, SpaceX, Tinder, GoFundMe, Riot Games, Netflix, Hulu, and Facebook have fueled a massive swell of prosperity: Silicon beach leads the latest surge in home growth in Los Angeles.

The tech scene has brought a renaissance to the city, infusing it with smarts, friendliness and variety. We took a closer look at some of the fixtures that make this burgeoning enclave the best place to not only work hard, but play hard.


Bohemian, laid back vibes transition like the nearby waves as the tech boom introduces innovation and creativity to the city. Due to this shift, those who call the West Side home are lucky to indulge in a new array of alluring beach activities and hot spots.

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