Simple Ways To Set Up Your Ideal Home Office

Angela von Detten

Whether you've got an entire room dedicated to your office, or just a small corner..try these effective tips to help create a productive and pleasant space for yourself!

Add some Privacy.

​​​​​​​If you don't have a dedicated room to call your office- no worries! It may seem hard to separate your home and work life when you are sitting in the corner of your bedroom or on the dining table. But, you can still easily create some privacy!

I would recommend purchasing a privacy divider or even hanging a curtain. It will make all the difference!

​​​​​​​Check out all the great options amazon has here!

Set a tone that gets you working.

Try to keep your clutter to a minimum- the last thing you want to feel while working is being trapped! Only include items in your space that make you feel calm & relaxed. A busy area with unassociated items will just wind up making you feel distracted.

​​​​​​​Arrange your items in a way that feels inviting and less claustorphobic. 

Invest in the right desk.

Working from home means that we are all spending a lot of time at our desks.

This means you should prioritize finding a desk that makes you stay comfortable through out the day. Consider trying out a standing desk! There are many benefits to using one- they will reduce back pain & improve your mood/help you gain more energy!

Check out some standing desks here!


​​​​​​​Make sure to set up your home office with as much as natural light as possible!

This will improve your productivity and help avoid eye strain from being on the screen for long periods of time. 

Add a personal touch.

Have some fun with your space- whatever this may mean for you! 
For example, go beyond just the traditional desk lamp- and consider adding some string lights! Or, take a trip to your local target and look for some matching sets of desk organizers you love!

I personally love including candles, flowers & plants in my own office space. 

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