Stay Safe & Shop Small

Angela von Detten

Hi Friends! We have an opportunity to come together at this moment and -when this passes- emerge stronger and more connected than ever. Read on for ways that we can open our hearts to those struggling in Southern California and beyond.

Donate Through Compass Compass Cares:

Compass Cares is moving fast to help organizations provide important medical services, food, and support to impacted vulnerable populations supporting:

-The CDC Foundation's Emergency Response Fund
-Feeding America
-Meals on Wheels America
Donate Now

Give To Restaurants & Food Banks

-Send a grocery gift card to your local charity, food bank, or someone in need

-Donate a non-perishable food item to your local food bank or shelter

-Consider sending a digital gift card or box of food to families that cannot afford to stock up 

Take Care Of Your At-Risk Community:

-Check in on your elderly neighbors to see if you can offer support or companionship

-Offer assistance to shop for or pick up a prescription or at-risk neighbors

​​​​​​​-Introduce yourself to your neighbors and/or exchange phone numbers 

Support Local Businesses:

-Purchase a gift card from your favorite restaurant to use at a later date

-Support your local pharmacies, restaurants, and businesses -- online and off

-Order takeout or delivery. Some delivery apps such as Uber Eats are offering free delivery from independent restaurants

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