Things to do safely this summer in the great outdoors

Angela von Detten

The outdoors is one place where Southern Californians can rev up, relax, or recharge- physically and mentally- while playing it safe. Here are some things to do to enhance your wellness and well-being, whether in your backyard or beyond this summer! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe.

Have a picnic

​​​​​​​As parks reopen, a picnic would be a great option for outdoor socializing. Bring your favorite food, a blanket, and meet at your favorite view or park (you can even do it in your backyard).

​​​​​​​This is a fun way to reunite with friends & family while enjoying the outdoors! Check out the Palisades Park on Ocean Avenue where you can watch the sunset and enjoy beautiful ocean views!

Spend time with your pets 

An advantage of staying at home= so much more time with our pets!

Use this time to cherish and appreciate each moment you have with them. Consider heading to a dog beach, teach your pet a new skill, or take a nice hike with them!

In late June, Glen Alla park in Marina Del Rey will have a grand opening for its newly consturucted dog park. I am so excited to check it out! 

Backyard stargazing

Trying to avoid getting scorched by daylight? Absorb the glory of the cosmos from your backyard!

Taking in the bigger picture could really help you keep everything happening in the world in perspective.

​​​​​​​Here is how to get your personal astronomy journey started. 

Plant some flowers 

​​​​​​​Find space in your garden or patio for a pot of  geraniums or a few six-packs of sunflowers, zinnias, or other colorful flowers. Dahlia bulbs can be planted now to produce breathtaking blooms late in the season!

Stroll your garden every day, with a cup of coffee by morning or a glass of wine at twilight. Make a point of inspecting your plants for water stress or pests on a regular basis and take some time to savor all the sights and smells. 

 Take a walk

Experts believe outdoor activities are actually safer than indoor ones! The fresh, open air and ample space provide good ventilation, lowering your chances of catching or spreading the virus.

​​​​​​​Find some time in your day to go on a mindfulness walk. For at least 20 minutes, try to detach from your phone and stay truly present and aware of your experience. Be conscious of all of your senses- notice all the beauty you can hear and see surronding you.

See a super bloom

Botanic gardens are reopening, albeit with the usual social distancing caveats. Late spring means superblooms, and we are in no short supply of those this year, including an unprecedented crop of roses. Reserve your tickets and time slots online.

Make a day trip out of it and allow an entire day to be spent at a gorgeous flower wonderland!

Check out more info for different locations here.

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